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Puppetfolk Productions has been sharing stories from the heart and entertaining families since 1971. Puppeteer Anne Newman began her artistic journey at the age of 8 with toy marionettes and a cardboard box for a stage. From library books, she learned how to create her own marionettes  and hand puppets. These days, she performs with marionettes, traditional hand puppets, rod puppets, and shadow puppets here, there, and everywhere! 


Little Red meets Mr. B.B. Wolf

The Puppetfolk present stories from the heart for libraries, schools, daycare centers, community theaters, non-profit venues, and festivals of all kinds. Performing as a one-woman show or in collaboration with other puppeteers and musicians, Anne and the Puppetfolk can provide entertainment with hand puppets as well as variety marionettes.    Whether in a tiny classroom or a vast concert hall, you are sure to be entertained by  Puppetfolk Productions!

Workshops & More

Make your own puppet!

The Puppetfolk  have workshops for the classroom, non-profit groups, family, birthday party guests, and more. All materials and instruction are provided for a fun make-it-take-it puppet craft project. Book a show, workshop, or both! How about a kids'  craft for your outdoor festival?

 We also specialize in  performing with"Strolling Marionettes." Our large variety marionettes will happily greet everyone who stops by your event!


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